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March 22, 4:30 PM - March 24, 3:30 PM
@ Warren Hall, Ithaca, NY

The Cornell FinTech Payments Innovations Hackathon is a 3-day hackathon from March 22-24, 2024 in the Ithaca, NY campus to inspire students to build payments-related projects. Co-organized by FinTech at Cornell, an Initiative of the SC Johnson College of Business,  Cornell FinTech Club (undergrad), and Cornell High Tech Club (grad), the event is open to undergraduate and graduate students. In teams of 4-5, students build projects and enter it in one of the following tracks: digital wallets, stablecoin, and XRPL (XRP Ledger). 

There will be 1 winning team per track with a prize of $1000 per team per track, 2 grand prizes with 1 team winning 1st Place with a prize of $3000 and 1 team winning 2nd Place with a prize of $2000, and 1 winning team per side track with a prize of $750 per team per track (Best Beginner Hack, Best Design, Most Promising Startup Idea).

All students (undergrad and grad) are welcome! There will be various educational sessions and resources to help you learn more about fintech so no prior experience needed!

Event Website: 

2022 Avalanche Hackathon

Cornell FinTech Club hosted its first hackathon during its first semester of operations in Spring 2022, the Cornell FinTech Club Avalanche Hackathon  from April 29 to May 1, 2022. The event was sponsored by Ava Labs, Fintech at Cornell, and The Initiative for CryptoCurrencies and Contracts (IC3).

With $8.5k in prizes across 8 tracks/categories, this hackathon inspired participants to create blockchain innovations by introducing fintech concepts and developing on Avalanche, the smart contracts blockchain platform maintained by Ava Labs.

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